The next Angular

I hear this question so much these days. What is the next Angular ?
Or what JS framework would you recommend we use?
Tho which I always answer, there is no silver bullet, there never has been.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.33.08 AM

Its all about the context in which the application is going to be developed. What good is it to build something in Angular with Node, or Ember with  Rails or Backbone with Python,  or what ever other stack if the people who are going to implement the code aren’t going to follow standards or simply, don’t know how to tie all the pieces together.

Some things permeate languages and libraries and that is what always should be sought after. A house is judged not by the hammer that built it, but by its architecture and livability.
Small methods, tested code, documentation, good use of memory etc. All these are examples of architecture and style not of tools.

The question we should be asking ourselves is how do we develop this application so we can pluck out pieces of it and put in newer/better pieces without having it fall apart.
It needs a solid base that is loosely coupled and well structured. Clear interfaces and code flow. Single priority methods, good analysis of cyclomatic complexity, multiple device testing automation etc.

In reality you can have your app be small pieces of a lot of things, so long as you can assert it does what its supposed to do and so long as they are all used for the right thing. Focus on having good people that know what they are doing instead of finding silver bullets. Focus on having good test coverage so that when you do pull the pieces out, you know exactly what is broken or what to fix.

In the world of corporate applications, tech is rarely the problem, normally its people and how they are managed or how competent they are at their job.